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Best Country in the World

Best Country in the World
Best Country in the World
Best Country in the World

Hello friend, My name is Dishant Panchal and you are reading my blog. Today I want to talk about the different countries in the world. We will determine which country is the best in the world. I want to analyze different factors like environment, Economy, Education, sex ratio, Inequality and many more. Then conclude which is the best country in the world. Let’s started!

1. Human Development Index (HDI)

Human Developement Index
Human Development Index (HDI)

The first criteria to note is HDI, the Human Development Index. It measures three main criteria. 

The life expectancy, education level and income of an average person in the country, there are some of the most important tools to know if the country is developed, developing or underdeveloped. 

United Nations Development Program releases a human development report every year with yearly HDI ranking. In the 2016 rakings, Norway topped this list. After which, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Singapore follow the rankings.

India ranks 131 out of 186 countries in the list. They classify the first 50 countries on the list as developed countries.

2. Unemployment Rate 

The second criteria is Unemployment. The country which has the lowest rate of Unemployment is Qutar. Only 0.1% of its population is Unemployed.

Unempoyment Rate
Unemployment Rate

These rankings, however, are not very credible because every country classifies unemployment in their way. A lot of the countries that have topped this list that have topped this list are poor and have managed to do so by hiding unemployment in employment ranks. 

India ranks at 122 with Unemployment rates of 8.8%. We need to keep in mind that developed countries have in place a welfare system which often means that unemployed persons who receive money and other benefits from the state.

However, this is not the case for poor countries where the poor have to find work and earn money to be able to eat food and to survive as they have nothing to depends on. This makes the unemployment rankings a bit unreliable which is why we shouldn’t be too focused on it.

3. Nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The third criterion is the Nominal Gross domestic product means the overall GDP of the country. U.S.A tops this list with a GDP of 20,000 trillion dollars. After this, China, Japan, Germany, and France follow. 

India ranks at the number of 7 which is considered quite high. However, we all should keep in mind that the population of the country affects the GDP. A big population often inflates GDP which means GDP numbers are often useless. 


4. GDP per Capita 

The ranking that matters is the GDP per person of the Country. When the total population is divided by the total GDP of the country.  Thus GDP per capita much more important here.

In the 2017 rankings, Luxembourg tops this list. This is a small country in Europe. After which, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, and Qutar follow. 

But, now since we look at our GDP per capita in India, we fall away down the list. It comes at 140 out of 186 countries. Nominal GDP per capita is calculated by the IMF.

5. Sex ratio

Sex Ratio
Sex Ratio

This the ‘Sex Ratio‘ of the country, If we look at the countries with a higher number of females than males. Curacao tops the list which, is the small island in the Caribbean controlled by the Netherlands. It has 121 females over 100 males (121: 100). After this, Latvia, Martinique, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia follow. 

All of these are East European Countries with a ratio of more than 116 females per male in the Country.

Sex ratio by country
Sex Ratio by country

Now, Some people would consider the best countries to be those with more males. Qatar tops that list with only 30 females for every 100 males (30:100). This list is followed by countries like UAE (43:100), Oman (61:100), Kuwait (67:100). India at 192 out of 200 countries which ranked (93:100).

6. Ease of doing Business

Ease of doing business
Ease of doing business

In 2018 rankings, Now New Zealand tops the list. After this, Singapore, Denmark, South Koria, Hong Kong, and the USA follow. Countries like Somalia, Venezuela, and Yemen are at the bottom of the list. Investing in a business in these countries would be a Bad Idea. 

Ease of doing business rankings 2018
Ease of doing business rankings 2018

India ranks at 100 in 2018. Last year India ranked at 130. This is the huge leap and the reason India has done so well is.

7. Environment Protection Index (EDI)

Next criteria is one of the most important criteria in my option. It is the Environment protection index (EDI). It measures a plethora of factors as you can see in the chart.

Environment Protection Index (EDI)
Environment Protection Index (EDI)

But, we can place all these factors into two main areas. The first is ‘ Environment Health’ which looks at Air pollution Availability of Clean drinking water, Level of Sanitation amongst others.

The second area is ‘Ecosystem Vitality’. This examines a Countries Biodiversity, Forest lover, flora, and Fauna. Switzerland tops the list. After this, France, Denmark, Malta, Sweden, and the U.K. follow here. 

India ranks at 177 out of 180 countries which makes India one of the worst countries in the EPI index. Moreover, if we only consider the first category ‘Environmental Health’ which includes air quality, Clean water, Cleanliness, and Sanitation.

India ranks at the 180 which is the last rank on the list. All are better India 180th out of 180. We have the worst air quality in the world. EPI is released by Yale University and this is the latest data (for 2018).

8. Inequality


The next criteria are also important. It is Inequality. The difference between the Rich and Poor of the Country. It is the measure in the GINI Index. According to the which Ukraine tops the list with the least amount of Inequality. After this, Slovenia, Norway, Slovakia, and the Citizen Republic follow. These have the lowest Inequality. 

India ranks at 58. The worst countries for Inequality are South Africa and Russia. 

9. Happiness

Happiness is also an important criterion. According to the World Happiness Report, which judges different factors to determine how happy is the average person of a country factors like Freedom to make life choices, Social Support, Generosity, Life Expectancy, and they consider even GDP making the Report.

In the 2017 Report, Norway tops the list. After this, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, and the Netherlands follow. India ranks 122 out of 155 Countries. It is a Shameful that India ranks below Countries like Iraq, Somalia, Iran, and Pakistan.

10. World Education Rankings

The last criteria I will talk about is the ‘World Education Rankings’ which test the average education level of a Child in a Country and their Math, Scientific and Linguistic abilities 15-year-olds of different countries are tested in Reading, Math, and Science. After which countries are ranked by an Organization called OECD. India wasn’t ranked in this list. The list was topped by South Korea, Finland, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Australia follow.

So which Country is the best in the World?

 Now According in me, this is not an easy choice. It depends, we pointed out different criteria and give more importance to one Criteria over the other. You can Choose HPI, Happiness or any other Criteria as the most important criteria. So the best Country is often your prospective. But if we give equal weight to all the 10 barometers.

I mentioned Norway is the best Country and according to me Happiness and HPI are the most important indicators to measure a Country. But as I said, there are many more indicators to rank Countries.

Us news and the University of Pennsylvania release a yearly report of the best countries in the world and uses many other indicators other than those I have mentioned in this blog like Heritage or the History of the Country, it’s Cultural attraction, it’s Food and other things like that are given importance. It also measures a country’s cultural influence in the world. How different, antique or distinctive it is, and How unique is its culture.

So, Norway might be the best Country according to HDI.  But the size of Norway’s cultural influence in the world are often ignored in that Index, 


 based on all indicators, US News declares Switzerland as the best Country and the next 5 are Canada, Germany, UK, Japan, and Sweden. Here India ranks 25th out of 80 Countries, India ranks good here. But ranks the worst in the Environmental Index only because India’s heritage and Cultural Influence is prominent.

Conclusion : 

 Which Country is the best in the World? After our whole discussion about many criteria, it all depends on your perspective. You can choose any criteria like GDP per Capita and Happiness it all depends on yours.


But according to the report of US news and the University of Pennsylvania, Switzerland is the best country in the world. After which, Canada, Germany, UK, Germany, Japan, and Sweden follow.

Friends, I hope this blog helped you gain more knowledge. If you liked this blog, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and Families. All the Information I have told you are from sources like the UN or World Factbook are legit and popular sources.