Motivational speech for youth by Ritika Singh

Motivational speech for youth by Ritika Singh

You can read and listen very motivational speech for youth by Ritika Singh. This is a very inspirational speech.

Motivational speech for youth by Ritika Singh
Motivational speech for youth by Ritika Singh

Who is Ritika Singh?

Ritika Singh is an actress and mixed martial arts artist. She appeared in many south Indian films. In addition to some Hindi films. 

Some are like Irrudhi suttru, Guru, Sala Khaddus like very popular movies. She also won the many awards for many films like National Film Award – Special Jury Award for Irrudhi suttru, Filmfare Award for Best Actress – Tamil for Irrudhi suttru, IIFA Award for Best Actress – Tamil for Irrudhi suttru, SIIMA Award for Best Debut Actress for Irrudhi suttru, Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut for Sala Khaddus, 65th Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor – South for Guru.

You can also read more information about her in this Wikipedia page.

If you don’t want to read you can also listen audio of this motivational speech

Motivational speech for youth by Ritika Singh

Motivational speech for youth by Ritika Singh

Thank you, for their presentation and please don’t call me ma’am. I am your age. I think how old is everybody here maximum. I just turned 23. So we’re the same age. Well, thank you so much for having me. I am very very happy to be here. And addressing this crowd.  I consider you as my friends all of you. Because we are the same age. 

I don’t know where to start. So I am a student myself. I just finished my graduation. And all I want to say is that this life that you’re living right now, your college life. This life is the most most important period. You should really really focus on your college life. Because what I did is. I missed out on my college years because I was very busy practicing kickboxing and karate and mixed martial arts. I had no time my college was two hours away from where I used to live.

 I am not really from Propper Bombay. I am from this place called Kalyan which is sort of on the outskirts of Bombay. So I used to travel two hours for my college. But I had no time because I had to focus more on my sports. It was my first priority always. So I missed out on my college days. I usually did not go to college festivals. I didn’t have a group of friends. You know all these groupies and homies. I didn’t have any homies. I was alone and I had only one best friend and that’s it. That’s my college life.

I really really feel sad

 that I missed out on it. But then I focused on sports. That is wow that is how I got Irudhi Sattru. That is how everything happened. That is all my life changed and if you have something in life that you really really like. 

If you have a special talent or if your heart is into something else. I will not say that completely neglect studies. Do not ever neglect studies. I’m a graduate okay. Don’t neglect studies. But then focus on what you are really really good at and make that your strong point because that’s what I did as well.

Actually, I’ve never done

 I also believe that in life no matter what you do every day, give you 100%. Because you never know what’s coming for you. You never know. What’s the next step right. I don’t know how irritated retain to me. Maggie saw me fighting. I wasn’t even aware that he is looking at me. I just gave my best shot and he’s like who’s this girl. She’s good and like okay. I’m doing like I was very happy that’s how it would happen for me. And when either they should retard it. I don’t even know Tamil. I don’t even speak Tamil. It was a very new thing for me to do acting. I’ve never done it before. I’ve never even. I’ve never done. 

this likes talk to people and face cameras. So that’s why I look really bad sometimes in pictures. I’m always like because I don’t know the camera is on me. I get really awkward and so yeah. So I just gave my 100%. That’s it. That’s all. I do. Oh, what else do I have to say? yeah, do not fall for bad things.

 I know are eight, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-one. We get attracted to things that are sort of negative. Towards negative people who try to be very smart and play with us. I’ve been played many times yeah. I’ve been played a lot but I’m learning. I still am played with every day. But I learned from my experiences. That’s what’s the most important thing in life. 

Learn from your mistakes.

Don’t just let mistakes happen and then you know then happen again. Because you’re not learning. So learn. You know what don’t do drugs. Please don’t do drugs and alcohol. And all I’ve never can you believe I was a nice kid. I’ve never touched alcohol. I’ve never touched a cigarette in my entire life. and drugs never! (Big applause) Thank you. Thank you.

 I’ve never done it. Because  I had something that was very important in my life and that was my sport. As a sportsperson if I do all that I lose my career. I lose my life. And I work what else yeah! work out! work out! every day. They go for a run. Go for a jog whatever workout because I think that your body is your best accessory. You don’t need no jacket clothes. If you have a hot body right. 

So you know exercise because your body is your best accessory. So make sure you work on it every day. Eat good food. I also love junk food. I’m a huge McDonald’s fan But then I have to sometimes control not because I’m in films or because I’m an actress because I’m a human. And my body supports me every day of my life. I’ll be living happily for 23 years okay! Because my body supported me so well.

 So it’s your time to

give something back to your body or body deserves it.  Okay! So eat well. Work out and stay focused. Don’t fall for bad things because you never know what life will throw at you next. May be something very good, something very big, and huge and positive is waiting for you. But you don’t see it and you get demotivated by signals not voting for you. Don’t let that happen. Stay positive always.

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